Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pree Brulee Review

Well more than 10 days later I finally got my Valentine's Day gift. The hubby wanted it to be a surprise so he had it sent to his buddy's house...but it didn't come when they said it would. So several days later I left a "nastygram" on their FB page and turns out they hadn't even shipped it yet...so they sent it priority mail and threw in a freebie for the trouble.
Oh, Pree Brulee. I've worked at small companies before so I understand. But you're still a little slow.

Quality-wise not so great. But some of their designs are beautiful. The only way I felt the money hubby paid was worth it (because of the extra cost of shipping) was because we got a small discount and got an extra necklace on top of that.

But these are the necklaces and I am happy:


  1. I looked at this Pree Brulee. Their stuff is all rip-offs of designs by Anthropologie/BR/JCrew, but no better quality (mostly acrylic beads and base metals).
    I'm pretty sure I could make the same stuff with semi-precious stones and sterling silver/gold plate for the same prices. They must have a lot of overhead. Or they're just gouging you.

  2. I see. Luckily we got a discount, and with the freebie we ended up paying about $15 per necklace and I don't feel too bad about that. Went through too much trouble to return. We will see how long they hold up.


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