Sunday, March 3, 2013

30 before 30

Went out to the only Chinese place in town Friday night. Saw Safe Haven Saturday and went to a restaurant that sadly had the best burger I've ever had outside of Sammy's but horrible service. So unfortunate. The hubby said that that was the lowest he's ever tipped in his life. But lovely food and nice atmosphere.

Below: love my new necklace despite the way it has a slight plastic clatter when it moves...and love my new shoes despite them being a bit loud (not the noisy loud).

So seeing as my 26th birthday is coming up in a month I've been thinking about making a 30 before 30 list. I'm a little short of ideas, so I have to keep thinking of how to round out my list...
30 before 30 list:
(the first 10 or so have a lot to do with situation so I won't feel bad if I can't complete them before 30)

  1. Visit Japan
  2. Visit Europe
  3. Visit Singapore
  4. Show the hubby my old mission areas & Kyunghee
  5. Make my house pretty
  6. Learn Japanese
  7. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
  8. Run the San Francisco Nike half marathon
  9. Eat at a Pierre Herme and/or Hidemi Sugino bakery
  10. Visit San Fran & go to Tartine
  11. Get rid of my stubborn fat (around my thighs)
  12. Show the hubby my hometown & intro him to my Grampy
  13. Make a recipe book
  14. Finish Jesus the Christ
  15. Take one great picture and frame it
  16. Read a novel in Korean
  17. Start a home baking business
  18. Have a successful blog
  19. Make an entire outfit from scratch
  20. Own a sweet eyeshadow palette
  21. Own something Chanel (Prada, Chloe and Celine will do too ;) --hubby says he will complete this one by buying me some cheap Chanel makeup. Oh well I guess that counts :)
  22. Bake for a wedding
  23. Throw a bridal shower party

I need 7 more...


  1. A lot of your items are experiential (travel, read, eat) or project completion-based (skill projects, etc) . You might consider choosing a personal attribute to develop if you're still looking for more items. It's good to do the things you've always wanted, but it's even more satisfying to become who you want while doing those things.

  2. Nice to see someone your age with goals even if they are experiential. i'm sure you have more personal goals in mind too.....Of the ones on your lists:

    1) Definitely visit Singapore (before Japan and Europe but I may be biased on this one as I am originally from Singapore!)
    2) Definitely try the passion fruit macaron while at Pierre Herme. Delicious and much better than Laduree
    3) The fat around your thighs....I hate to break it to you. It doesn't really go away. I've been trying since I was in my twenties......if you are successful, let me know!
    4) You take great pictures, I'm sure you can find one to frame already!!!
    5) Urban Decay Naked 3 is the one and only eye palette to own
    6) As for the Chanel, if it makes you feel any better I didn't get mine till a couple of years ago. As for my age.....let's just say I'm closer to 40 than 30.

    I hope you reach your goals, whatever they may be!


    1. Oh jeez. I didn't see your comment till now. My list has changed so very much since I posted this! I don't care at all about owning Chanel anymore. I'm okay with putting Singapore above Europe but I have to go to Japan to see my hubby's home & family. And the thigh fat? Haha I will never give up on that but I also won't ever let it stress me out. Fit > skinny right?
      And oh my goodness we have a Japan trip planned for the Fall so I am definitely visiting the Pierre Herme there and will try their passion fruit macaron.
      Thanks for your comments Michelle!


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