Friday, October 18, 2013

Homemade Tartine Bread

So when the hubs was gone for a month I decided to surprise him in a few different ways.
For example: a clean car (haha, what can I say...that's one of the things I procrastinate), shoes I knew he'd been wanting (that I got partially with reward points :)), etc.
Another surprise was this Tartine bread. Hubby has been obsessed with Tartine bakery for a long time, and last year he asked me to try out one of their recipes but I never did because it seemed so complicated and my confidence in bread-making was not very high.
But this time around I thought it would be a nice welcome-home surprise for him so I started the 3-4 week recipe.
It wasn't time-consuming per-say, it's just kind of a money-guzzler (you're basically throwing away flour daily) and makes weekend getaways difficult (because you need to feed it every day at the same time).
Overall it took about a month to make. I'd be lying if I said it was worth the time and effort, but it did yield three delicious, crusty, rustic, almost sourdough-like loaves of bread. My only small complaint (against myself) is that the bread was not as airy as I desired it to be. I think I must have inadvertently slacked off on the folding stage. So if you decide to take on this recipe, make sure you get enough air into your loaves and you will have perfect perfect bread.

Here is the recipe I followed, with awesomely detailed steps: Tartine Country Bread

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