Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Haha I'm a bit embarrassed today.
I took a shot at making a bento last week and I think perhaps I lack the patience (as well as the tools). If only there were a Daiso nearby, I could pick up some cheap enhancers with little added effort on my part, haha! I submitted it to DramaFever for a contest where you re-create scenes from (predominantly Korean) dramas. I like DramaFever because I can turn off the subtitles if I want to.
Anyways, my submission made it into the semi-finals but now it's a free-for-all "Like"-fest on Facebook and I am not faring too well lol! But every and any vote is appreciated, so here is the link, please take a sec and vote:

DramaFever Contest

And alas, here is my attempt:

-I mixed a bit of ketchup into the faces to give it a flesh tint, but I don't know if you can tell?
-After a bit of research, it seemed some people like using eyebrow scissors and tweezers (brand new ones of course...) for the smaller details, which is what I did.
-I purposely overcooked the sausages slightly so that they would look even more like wood.
-The eyes are egg whites.
-I'm so proud of how I've mastered perfect boiled eggs...see how there is no gray film on them??


  1. Random fact about me: I got hooked on that show when Jared was in basic. Who woulda thought? Cute Bento!

  2. That's so funny! I actually just finished it recently bcuz it came out on my mission i think and i didn't get into dramas again until about a year ago. Oh how i wanted to win this contest...oh well. If i had my sewing machine i would've tried making cat outfits instead, cats always win ;)


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