Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nutella Heath Cupcakes & Airplane Cufflinks

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday :)
I woke up a bit early so that I could make his cupcakes. He wanted chocolate, and I decided to fill them with Nutella because he adores Nutella, and I sprinkled them with Heath which he also loves. They were pretty easy and I was happy:

We ate at a steakhouse for dinner and then went to see Brave. Justin knew I wanted to see it, he's so kind ;) I love little kid movies...

In the morning I let him open one present, which was an adjustable wrench (haha the Home Depot salesman helping me made fun of me for buying my husband a wrench for his birthday lol) but I made him wait the whole day for the rest of his gifts. After the movie we had the cupcakes and ice cream and opened presents:

A John Boos wooden cutting board. He wanted one, and I heard these were the best. Slightly expensive but I had a gift card to help :)

He has a tank top obsession.
Airplane cufflinks from Banana! Because he's going to be a pilot :)
He wore them to church today~ :)

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