Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Easy Chocolate Cupcakes Four Ways

So I try to make my hubby's Air Force class treats once a week. When my husband came home from studying tonight he thought these were the treats...but I said, "no....these are just for me...I'm making you guys mini pumpkin pies this week..."
What can I say, I was hungry >.<

So I made one batch of chocolate cupcakes but experimented with them.
But I'm not gonna lie, I like my version better:

1 box Devil's Food cake (follow the directions)
1 small pkg. chocolate pudding

It's even easier than hers, I think it's yummier (maybe because it's slightly more chocolatey), and I love how dense the mix is - it's easy to scoop, and the shape always comes out perfectly.
This is what I did with the cupcakes: (can you guess which is which?)

1. Nutella ganache filling with Nutella buttercream frosting
2. Chocolate ganache & pumpkin buttercream
3. Choco-dipped with blueberry topping
4. Coconut-chocolate & coconut cream topping (exactly as it is here)

I just made one big batch of my favorite vanilla frosting, split it into small bowls, and added different flavors to them. The hubs was in love with the Nutella cupcake, it was dang good. But I gotta say, the pumpkin was a close second for me, the frosting tasted like pumpkin pie. Yum yum~

Sadly I took a sharp turn and it ended up like this:


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