Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Sew by Hand Part 2: Tapering & Lowering a Hem

This was my 3rd project fixing something by hand. I chose this one to do next because it didn't require much work and I'm getting tired...
I'll probably fix one or two more pieces of clothing before Christmas but I'm saving a couple of more complicated pieces until then so that I can...use my Mom's sewing machine! Woot~

But here is how I did a simple hand-fix of this skirt (tapering & lowering the hem):

1. Open the hem by taking out the stitching.
2. Try the skirt on and stick a pin about where you want the skirt to start & stop tapering.
3. Turn the skirt inside out and use a fabric pencil to draw a line between the starting and stopping points (make sure it's a gradual line from where the original seam is). Using measuring tape, do the same to both sides.
4. Stick pins along the drawn lines and try on the skirt again; make adjustments as necessary. (I realized I didn't want my skirt to taper so much so I halved how much I was doing, as you can see in the picture below.)

5. Start sewing. I double-thread the needle and use a back-stitch.
6. For the hem I got lucky and it was already sewn. See the fold where I let it down below? But I've had to sew the hems on the last two skirt/dresses I've done and I just do the ol' hidden stitch.

7. Iron or steam where the old hem was.

And all done! In the course of a couple of hours :)  Now for project 4....

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