Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sewing Project #4: Making Bootleg Jeans into Skinny Jeans

I'm out visiting my parents for a while. They are moving to Vegas (woot!) so I'm helping my Mom pack up the ridiculous amount of stuff they have >.< lol
I brought a pair of jeans I want to sew so that I can use Mom's sewing machine instead of doing it by hand this time around. WOW the time difference is AMAZING. As much as I like sewing by hand (it gives me an excuse to watch TV...), the sewing machine cuts down so much time...

So the jeans I have were bootleg, and here is what I did to make them skinny:

1. Turn the jeans inside out. Take your favorite pair of skinny jeans and match them up along the outside edge of the jeans you are sewing (we want to sew only the inside seam).
2. Using a fabric pencil, trace the shape of your favorite jeans onto the ones you want to sew.
3. Pin the jeans along the line and go try them on.
4. If there are parts that you want a little tighter, pin it on the outside while you are still wearing it, then turn the jeans inside out and mark where you put the pin. Re-trace your line accordingly. It's best to have a line exactly where you want the jeans sewn so that you only have to sew it once. Keep trying on the jeans until you have them pinned how you want them.
5. Using a straight stitch, sew along the line you made, making sure to reverse over the stitch at the beginning and end.
6. Try them on, make sure they are how you want them.

Yay, now I can wear them with my cheapy Steve Madden boots!

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