Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pretty in Pink Cupcakes

I've been going through baking withdrawal since coming to my parents'. There's no one to bake for here, especially since their house is filled to the brim with food. Last night I saw cupcake ingredients on the counter and asked, "Are you baking cupcakes??! For what?! Can I make them?!!!" Haha. Nope, my Mom was planning to make cake bites. BUT lucky for me they found out last minute that they were supposed to make a dessert for their church Christmas party tonight so I got to make cupcakes after all! Woot~

I created a new favorite frosting with these. I love cream cheese frosting but the hubby hates it. These have just enough cream cheese to give the frosting just a bit of a richer taste, but it doesn't have that overwhelming cream cheese flavor. Plus it's more whipped; I don't like dense, heavy frostings.

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