Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cat Post! Evolution of a Cat Lady

My Sister-in-Law has this extreme compassion for stray cats. Although I felt sad for them too, it was never to her extent. She would slam on her brakes and immediately go to the store to buy milk and food is she ever saw a stray. Now that I have my own, I understand!
My hubby and I feed strays all the time. Once I swear we took at least 30 minutes trying to "herd" this one cat to where we had placed his food because he kept running from us. Teehee.
These are MY kitties. They have slowly turned me into a cat lady.

This is Kuro.
And this is Hana.

Hana likes to climb things.
Kuro likes laying in small confined spaces or on top of Dada's study papers.

They both like to sleep...
...and they love to play with their fish toy.
Sometimes they're bad and climb on the table. Here is Kuro having a stare-down with me.
They love their Mama and Dada ^.^

I miss my kitties >.<

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