Sunday, January 13, 2013

Asian Hair Melt (Ombre)

Well. My highlights were growing out anyways and it kinda looked like the ombre I went and got it colored so that it was a more subtle ombre. The ladies at the salon took a picture of it when they were done, probably because they don't get a lot of people wanting ombres in this tiny little town. Once my hair grows out a little more I'm gonna add a lighter color to the ends so its a more drastic ombre. My hair's too damaged right now to do anything more.

You probably can't see much of a difference in the pictures,'s because the first picture's bad quality since I zoomed in a ton. Before it had a lot more blonde and it was like night and day from my natural hair to where my highlights hit. Now it's a nice smooth honey brown, it's a nice change. 

**EDIT: here's a slightly more telling "before" pic. Doesn't that just look terrible...?

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