Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taking In a Pleated Skirt

Man this was so easy.
I bought this skirt back in...2008. I bought it a couple sizes too big on purpose.
There's no lining, and the skirt is symmetrical, so it was easy peasy.

How to:

1. Try it on and stick a pin where you want to take it in on the top.

2. Do some math. The top of my dress was about 16 in. and the bottom was 35 in. I wanted to make it 13.5 in. on top. So do your proportions: 16/35 = 13.5/x
Make 2 marks on the top and bottom according to your calculations and draw a line between them.

3. Pin along the line and try on your skirt to make sure that's how you want it.

4. Sew! And cut off the excess.

It took me no time at all now that I have a sewing machine.
So nice.

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