Saturday, July 13, 2013

Good Food, Happy Girl

It's not just good food that's made me happy this weekend.

There are so many things that I am going to have to make a list for you:

1) Hubby is done with his training, did amazing and makes me SO proud
3) I have hubby to myself ALL weekend
4) Went to a restaurant I've been wanting to go to forever and it somehow exceeded my expectations
5) In the city for the weekend
6) Went on a bulk food spree at the gourmet grocery store (think chocolate toffee pistachios & lemon blueberry shortbread balls, nom!)
7) The nice man at the store piled my hands high with "samples" of our favorite cookies (reminiscent of the old lady in Wedding Singer giving out meatballs...)
8) Took tons of pretty pictures
9) Found the cyuutest airplane necklace today in honor of my hubs, America's newest pilot
10) In our hotel room I killed at least four mosquitoes like a dang ninja

I am seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses right now.

But here is a snapshot of our weekend so far.

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