Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skinny Strawberry Peach Trifles

This is a twist on a trifle I used to make all the time back in college. That one was a strawberry banana trifle with max calories and max sugar (lol).

Here is a much healthier version, and guess what?? It tastes the same. (Well, minus the banana substitute obviously). And it's almost healthy ;)

This is round 2 of my attempts at diabetic-friendly desserts (round 1 here). I'm learning more and more about diabetes as I go.

Skinny Strawberry Peach Trifles
Makes 1 full trifle or about 8 mini trifles

  • 1 box angel food cake mix, made according to directions
  • 1 pkg sugar-free fat-free vanilla pudding instant mix
  • 2c skim milk
  • 1 pint strawberries
  • 4 peaches
  • 2c heavy cream
  • Splenda (about 7-8 packets)


Make the pudding by whisking together the mix and 2 cups of milk for 2 minutes, then letting refrigerate to set.

Slice the strawberries thinly. Do the same with the peaches, also peeling off the skin.

In a large bowl, beat the heavy cream until foamy. Start adding Splenda while still beating. Continue to add Splenda until desired sweetness, and beat cream until stiff peaks.

To assemble:

Rip off bite-size pieces of angel food cake and place a generous layer on the bottom of your trifle dish(es). Top with a layer of pudding mix. Then add a single layer of strawberries. Top that with a single layer of peaches. Spread whipped cream on top. Repeat if needed.
Garnish with leftover strawberries and peaches. Best if you refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

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