Saturday, August 31, 2013

Instagram Through NY

For me, half of traveling is about food.
I'm one of those people who shamelessly take pictures of their meal in the middle of a nice dark restaurant. And almost immediately Instagrams it. (>.<)

It's not because I'm Asian, it's because I like food...

Anyways here is what I ate through my NY trip, and what everyone should eat if they go to NY...

Strawberry Fraisier with a chocolate base & melon cake on top; Half Moon Cookie, an Upstate NY thing (where I grew up)

Oysters Rockefeller (SO delish) & Lobster Mac&Cheese

Crab Cake Sandwich & NY pizza (from a little shop in my hometown; I craved this pizza for months after leaving for college)

Pistachio Macaron & Yummy treats from Magnolia's

Chicken Riggies, another Upstate NY thing. I realized my recipe tastes nothing like this one haha. But I still love it.

Miss all that delicious NY food.

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