Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lemon Cookie Cups

 My hubby's in pilot training for the Air Force and for the last couple of months they've been doing 12-hour days. I try to make a little treat for them once a week and this is what I made this week: Lemon Cookie Cups. Unfortunately I was not very smart about the "frosting" on top...I put in too much cool whip and it melted (I think the cooking gods cursed me for using cool whip instead of heavy whipping cream >.<). And I was too embarrassed to bring them to the boys. So sadly, they are now sitting in the fridge and I am pondering whether or not to make the boys something different tomorrow. But look how cute they were before they got all melt-y and started falling off...
They're delicious too. I got that cup-forming technique down like a boss.

**Update: I found a great whipped cream topping that won't melt HERE :)

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