Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Celebrate Chuseok in the States

I just watched a Korean movie about a kimchi contest and of course the entire movie showed tons of yummy food...I'd kill for a Korean meal right now. Or even just some kimchi.
I decided I'm going to try making my own kimchi this week.
But anways.
Being out in cowboy country in the middle of nowhere, my tastes have slowly become more American. The last time I could remember making a Korean meal was for Chuseok--Korean Thanksgiving...which was back at the end of September >.<
I got on my Facebook in the morning, realized it was Chuseok, and decided to celebrate however I could. I made 떡국 (dumpling soup) and 만두 (rice cakes), and I crafted 윷놀이, a stick game Koreans play on holidays. As you can see, I used the hubby's military socks in place of sticks LOL. One of my more creative moments.
I'd give anything for some of that ddeokguk right about now...

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